A Comparison Between Online Coaching And Classroom Coaching: Which Is Better?

With cutting-edge technology, and the whole wide world is available at the push of a button, online education has too become very accessible to everyone who is interested. From aspiring students to working professionals, whosoever is pressed for time can opt for online coaching.

All education sources available on the world wide web but despite that people are apprehensive about choosing online coaching over classroom coaching. To help students to make a choice, here is a lowdown on why online coaching could be better compared to classroom coaching:

1. Flexibility

Online – As online coaching can be made available just by the click of a button, you can study anytime anywhere. Your study time can be tailored as per your needs. There isn’t any strict time table, you can study whenever you are free. It is suitable for people who are juggling various exams or people with family responsibilities.

Classroom – Classrooms have a fixed time schedule which has to be followed. Classroom provides little flexibility which can be issue if you are a working professional.

2. Social Interaction

Online – One-to-one interaction yields the best result. It helps you absorb better as teacher is 100% focused on you. The absence of other teachers makes sure you have fewer distractions.

Classroom – Classrooms are usually crowded which makes it difficult for the teacher to concentrate on one student. The teacher student ratio can never be 1:1 when you opt for classroom coaching. Classroom coaching is more suitable for people who prefer more interaction with their peers.

3. Schedule

Online – Online education doesn’t have a set schedule. The classes can be recorded, revisited as many times as the student want.

Classroom – As classroom coaching has a fixed schedule, the student cannot revisit the lectures, in case they missed any of the classes.

4. Expenses

Online – You don’t have to bear any expenses other than the coaching fee and your internet connection. There isn’t any other cost involved. Online coaching is definitely cheaper than classroom coaching.

Classroom – Classroom coaching includes many hidden costs like books, travel, tuition fees, miscellaneous.

You can easily decide upon your medium of studying as per the above points. Online coaching proves to be the clear winner between the two as it provides a user-friendly platform and certainly has more features compared to classroom coaching.

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